[mythtv] Re: [mythtv-commits] mythtv commits

Doug Larrick doug at ties.org
Sun Aug 22 22:36:44 EDT 2004

mythtv at cvs.mythtv.org wrote:
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Changes committed by bjm on Mon Aug 23 01:44:30 2004
> Modified Files:
>    in mythtv/libs/libmythtv:
>         vsync.h vsync.cpp 
> Log Message:
> Fix a couple regressions. Re-implement the delay clipping when A/V sync
> is way off. This prevents the series of freezes that may happen if the
> initial timecodes are not even close. Update the comment and correct the
> code to workaround the 'straddle' problem now called KeepPhase.

Thanks for the clarification you added to the comment in KeepPhase, but 
I must take objection to your removing the correction in the other 
direction.  The code you deleted is important for HDTV to function 
properly.  If the display time drifts too far away from the actual 
retrace, the video hardware just doesn't have time to display such a 
large frame, and we get jerky motion.

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