[mythtv] Weird framerates on CVS with DVB

Andy McMullan andy at andymcm.com
Sun Aug 22 19:43:53 EDT 2004

Charlie Brej wrote:
> The latest CVS version seems to misbehave when playing some recordings. 
> This is something which appeared some time this week in the CVS.

I'm seeing the same thing with my bt8x8 setup. I've been trying to debug 
the problem, but not getting very far. I've noticed that during playback 
the lastaudiotime variable seems to be screwy (very high, randomish, 
number). This seems to be because the effdsp value is unusually small 
(i.e. < 100) rather than its normal 7 digits.

This is the code that's setting the low effdsp value 

if (frameheader.frametype == 'S')
     if (frameheader.comptype == 'A')
         if (frameheader.timecode > 0 && frameheader.timecode < 5500000)
===>        effdsp = frameheader.timecode;

On the bad recordings, this frameheader.timecode starts at a low number 
(<100) and rises slowly during playback. On the good recording, 
frameheader.timecode starts high (around 3,200,000) and falls during 

Totally out of my depth here, but maybe that'll help someone work out 
what's going on.

Andy Mc

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