*****SPAM***** [mythtv] problems compiling mythtv-0.15.1 with qte-3.1.2

xavier nikoxan at mixmail.com
Sun Aug 22 15:26:46 EDT 2004

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Content preview:  --==============48865522=Content-type: text/plain
  Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable Hi people, I'm in trouble
  compiling compiling mythtv-0.15.1 with qte-3.1.2. The qte library was
  compiled with thread support and with the mysql driver plugin. All the
  examples work fine in the linux console. There is also a qt/x11 version
  3.1.2 in my Mandrake 9.2 that is used as a system library by kde and
  other apps. I've been compiling mythtv with the qt/x11 until the
  present with any difficulty. As I am not planning to remove qt/x11 from
  my system, I changed some environment variables to avoid using the
  qt/x11 lib, qmake and mkspecs instead of qte ones. [...] 

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