[mythtv] Display resolution switching bug - partial window on 1920x1080 size

Brad Corrion bcorrion at web-co.com
Sun Aug 22 02:46:51 EDT 2004


I updated to recent CVS and found that I now need to enable XRANDR in 
the settings.pro file to enable resolution switching for file playback.  
However I am having difficulty getting a full screen playback when the 
playback resolution is greater than the GUI's resolution.

I saw a similar thread on the list archive, but the thread appeared to 
close when no one reported continuing problems.  Basically, my playback 
window is the size of the GUI window, but the X server has switched to 
the larger mode.  This is true with fvwm2, blackbox, enlightenment and 
xfce.  Am I missing something? 


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