[mythtv] "myth wants to record" prompt doesn't show up

Frank Riley fhriley at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 21 16:30:07 EDT 2004

PVR-350 (ivtv 0.1.9, I'm using the TV-Out of this card)

When I'm watching live tv and a scheduled recording starts, myth 
automatically switches to the scheduled recording and my TV screen goes 
blank (no audio either). The only way to get out of the blank screen is to 
kill mythfrontend and start it back up. I can see the backend is indeed 
recording the scheduled recording. I think I'm supposed to be getting a 
prompt asking me if I want to do the recording or stay with live tv. I've 
looked through all the setup screens and don't see a place to turn the 
prompt off or on. Is there a way to turn that prompt on?

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