[mythtv] [patch] couple of fixes for vsync

Doug Larrick doug at ties.org
Fri Aug 20 07:18:35 EDT 2004

Steven wrote:
> Doug Larrick wrote:
>> Here are a couple of accumulated fixes for the new vsync code and bob 
>> deinterlacing.  One fix is just a message for people who are trying to 
>> use bob on displays with too slow a refresh rate (i.e. TV out).  
> Just to make sure if I understand this correctly.
> With TV out you mean interlaced tv-out?
> The tv-out on a pundit (and also nvidia cards i think) for example uses 
> hardware deinterlacing so the video has to be de-intelaced before it 
> reaches the videocard to have it displayed properly on a tv. So it would 
> benefit from bob deinterlacing to go from 25 fps to 50 fps (PAL)? Or not?

The new message is just complaining if you try to do bob deinterlacing 
if you are using a display mode that's only capable of doing 25 (PAL) / 
30 (NTSC/ATSC) frames per second.

As for what deinterlace method is best for TV-out, I have no idea. 
You'll have to experiment.  But at least this new message you'll know if 
bob is not doing anything, and won't be fooled by placebo effect.

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