[Completely OT] Who is Andy Mc? (was Re: [mythtv] green tint on bt8x8 caused by automatic 'adjust' filter)

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Thu Aug 19 03:44:54 EDT 2004

On 08/19/2004 12:43 AM, Andy McMullan wrote:

> I've been having a problem where sometimes recordings have a green 
> tint to them. Others have reported the same problem recently (e.g. 
> Chris Petersen)

Does Andy McMullan really exist, or is he just an alter-ego of Chris 
Petersen?  First, he appears out of nowhere on Aug 18 and points out the 
bug that's causing Chris's channel-changing problem.  Then--less than 24 
hours later--in his second post, he mentions an issue with the adjust 
filter that's causing Chris's green-tint problem.  And I've noticed I 
never see an e-mail from both of them at the same time...


(Seriously, though, welcome to the list Andy, and thanks for making Myth 
better.  I wish I were as productive with Myth hacking/debugging as 
you.  Unfortunately, though, since I've found Myth, I spend too much 
time using it to be able to work on it... :)

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