[mythtv] [patch] PowerPC Altivec Patch

Mark Spieth mark at dclabs.com.au
Wed Aug 18 23:02:29 EDT 2004

so it uses ffmpeg. hmmm. I may have a look at doing to it for decode what
windvd does.
i.e. play back faster/slower than realtime. Important for audio and then
video can just keep up with the new audio stream.
should be doable where the 32 subband matrix is converted to samples.
normally 32 subband samples -> 32 timedomain samples. just have to generate
less or more after converting the subband samples to a smaller or bigger
matrix. thus generating 29 samples for ~10% faster play.
may be a 2nd way too. hmmm.
that way I can watch a 45 min ep in under about 35 min at +15%.
any hints or other mpeg decoders that do this (havent found any yet).
keep you posted.
x2 fast forward in windvd is also with audio. good for opening credits.
still picking up things how it all hangs together.
the no signal issue may be resolved with a pop to the guide page to select a
new channel. the latest round of commits suggested this to me. when I get
time if someone else doesnt beat me too it. :-)

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> On Sunday 15 August 2004 03:25 pm, Mino Taoyama wrote:
> > Here is a patch to fix a compile problem with Altivec enabled on
> > PowerPC based systems.
> I'm not going to apply this - a fix for this is already in ffmpeg, so I'll
> grab it next time I update libavcodec/libavformat.
> Isaac
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