[mythtv] how to integrate my changes to test them

maestro waggawagga at gmx.net
Tue Aug 17 10:57:06 EDT 2004

hi all,

like i said i'd like to work on vps support for mythtv. i finally made
up a little test programm to extract vps data and i now want to
integrate it into my local copy of mythtv so i can test it.
as this is ivtv specific i added the code into
i have 2 new files vps.{cpp,h} and now i want to compile mythtv using
the features provided in vps.cpp. can anyone give me a hint how i have
to adjust the makefiles (i don't know anything about qmake) so that i
can test my additions.

thanks for you help, hoping to get this to work soon.

so long

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