[mythtv] frequent PlayBoxTransparency setting DB lookup in mythvideo

Donavan_Stanley at ham.honda.com Donavan_Stanley at ham.honda.com
Tue Aug 17 10:34:49 EDT 2004

Again:  Replying from work with a crappy client.  I apologize.

"I dunno if this will be just in MythVideo or if it'll come out to
libmyth too, but if you're commiting to MythVideo, do you fancy taking a
quick look at the patch in my email titled "[mythtv] [Partial PATCH+BUG
Report] MythVideo high CPU usage on Browser & freeze on Gallery" sent to
the dev list yesterday (16th) at 22:54 BST (GMT +0100).

There isn't much in it, but there is a couple of bugs addressed. Feel
free to be selective!"

Pretty much everything I'm doing is in MythVideo, except for a minor change
to the UIImageType so that I can get the filename of the image it currently
has loaded.  I'm changing VideoDialog to be MythDialog derrived instead of
MythThemeDialog.  With that in and the changes I made to how the cover art
gets handled in places things should be much snappier when drawing.

I did look at your patch and had planned on applying at least part of it.
There was one line that seemed to be wrong, there was a check for the
failure of a query that used "rowsaffected == 1" when it seemed like it
should have used "rowsaffected < 1".

I also wondered why you tightened the checks for the queries from ">0" to
"==1".   It shouldn't really impact things one way or another, I just
didn't understand the reasoning behind it.

 Oh and, there's no need to use QString.sprintf when doing a simple
assignment.  There's no sense in parsing the string for replacement chars
if we know there aren't any.  Actually is there a real need to create a
QString out of that literal string at all?

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