[mythtv] Got it! [workaround patch]

Doug Larrick doug at ties.org
Sun Aug 15 13:29:43 EDT 2004

Kyle Rose wrote:
> As near as I can tell, the new vsync code hardcodes access to
> /dev/nvidia0 under the assumption that there is only one head and that
> head is using the proprietary nvidia driver.  Unfortunately for those
> of us who are using multiple drivers (in my case, nvidia and open
> source nv) this is an incorrect assumption that caused my X server to
> deadlock.  Disabling the nvidia-based vsync solved the problem.

For the record, the old code hardcoded /dev/nvidia0 as well, but it was 
not tried unless "Experimental A/V Sync" was selected.

You could change the permissions on the device so your Myth user can't 
read it.

Anybody got a clue how we can tell which /dev/nvidia<n> device 
corresponds to the head we're trying to use?

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