[mythtv] MythGame and XMame loading roms

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I am trying to use the MythGame module of mythtv (version 0.15).  I have
read the issues about MythGame and the new version of XMame (0.84.2) not
supporting the -listinfo parameter:




and have made the change/recompiled based on line 173 in the
mamehandler.cpp.  When I scan for the ROMs, nothing is detected, although it
does take a minute or 2 to scan.  The mysqld.log does not indicate that it
is attempting to insert records into the gamemetadata table.  


So I have backtracked and downgraded to xmame 0.83 (and replace the line in
mamhandler.cpp) and attempt to scan the ROMs, while it fails, I do get an
indication from the mysqld.log files that it is attempting to insert records
into the gamemetadata table, the problem with is the insert statement, it
has an additional quote (") in the romname field.  Also the first letter of
the gamename field is cut off. What I have done in the interim is extracted
the sql statements from the log file and corrected the syntax (for the
romname) and ran the sql manually and I can play the games once I do this.
I have not found any solutions in the archives, can someone point me in the
right direction?  Are there some other logs that may help me determine what
is happening?



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