[mythtv] choose recording profiles for live tv

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Thu Aug 12 20:08:17 EDT 2004

Hendrik Wouters wrote:
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> Op donderdag 12 augustus 2004 19:52, schreef Isaac Richards:
>>On Thursday 12 August 2004 01:28 pm, Hendrik Wouters wrote:
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>>>I have some suggestions for watching live tv.
>>>I have a lot of non-master myth-backends running and they are all
>>>connected to one master mythtv-backend. The problem is that I have
>>>nonmaster-backends with only 300 mhz cpu and other non-master backends
-------------------^^^ plural?             -------------------^^^ plural?
>>>with 1500Mhz cpu. It would be nice to choose a Live-TV recording profile
>>>with a lower resolution and lower bitrate for the 300 Mhz backend, and
>>>choose a Live-Tv profile with a higher resolution and higher bitrate for
>>>the 1500 mhz backend. I think the recording profile should be chosen in
>>>the playback section, where you also can choose the video filters.

Actually, the recording parameters are "recording" characteristics
rather than playback characteristics...

>>>If two clients backends matches  channel and recording profile, they
>>>should watch the same LiveTV video-ringbuffer-stream (or what ever you
>>>call it).
>>You can already create recording profiles (and live-tv profiles) on a
>>per-backend basis.  This functionality has existed for a very long time.
> Anyway, I can't find the option to make my first non-masterbackend-X use the 
> LiveTv-X profile and my other non-masterbackend-Y usr the LiveTV-Y profile. 
> Can you tell where I can find that options into the menu's? Or do I have to 
> change it in mysql?

>From the top menu, Setup->TV Settings->Recording Profiles. First
you show decide what your default configuration is. For example,
I'll assume that you have a master and two slaves with 1500 mhz
and two slaves with 300mhz. Probably not the case but...

Choose "Software Encoders" (assuming that you are using all bttv
cards) and set the four profiles including "Live TV" to what works
for your 1500mhz machines. This will then be the defaults for all
5 machines but you have two slow slaves that can't handle it. Next
choose "(Create new profile group)". Enter a unique group name
possibly based on the hostname ("X"? ;-) of the first slower slave.
Choose the card type ("Standard V4L....") and hostname ("X"). This
will create a new set of profiles that will be used for "X" only.
Do the same for "Y".

When you schedule a show to use "High Quality", if it records on
"A", "B", or "C" it will use the default "High Quality" settings
but if it is to be recorded on "X" or "Y" it will record with the
"High Quality" settings of the custom profile group that you
created for that host. Same for live TV. It will use the appropriate
"Live TV" profile for the backend recorder(!) that is recording
regardless of which frontend is displaying LiveTV (not necessarily
the same host).

Or more succinctly: What Isaac said ;-).

--  bjm

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