[mythtv] Patch: Fix clicks and pops in OSS output

Ed Wildgoose lists at wildgooses.com
Wed Aug 11 19:24:37 EDT 2004

This small patch fixes clicks and pops on the OSS output with my card 
(RME 9632).  Features of this card which cause problems are that it only 
has two audio buffers, and the driver doesn't (normally) track the exact 
free space on the card, only whether zero, one or two buffers are 
empty.  If you look closely at the various IF statements this can lead 
to an underflow because we are actually waiting for the buffer to 
completely empty each time

A similar bit of code is needed to the ALSA output library, but this 
patch will likely apply completely ok anyway...  In any case I will 
prepare a full patch to alsa as well (and there are some other cleanups 
to add to the alsa one as well) - however, I need to test the alsa patch 
first before submitting and its rather late here now.

Please apply to cvs.


Ed W

P.S. unrelated, but I just recently "found" the switch to enable using 
frame sync using the nvidia library rather than the RTC method.  Output 
is now much smoother (no doubt due to the idiosyncracies of this RME 
card and it's dubious free space calcs...).  Thanks for this!
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Index: libs/libmyth/audiooutputoss.cpp
RCS file: /var/lib/mythcvs/mythtv/libs/libmyth/audiooutputoss.cpp,v
retrieving revision 1.15
diff -u -r1.15 audiooutputoss.cpp
--- libs/libmyth/audiooutputoss.cpp	29 Mar 2004 22:41:38 -0000	1.15
+++ libs/libmyth/audiooutputoss.cpp	11 Aug 2004 23:20:07 -0000
@@ -547,7 +547,7 @@
             // should this use ioctl(audio_fd, SNDCTL_DSP_POST, 0) instead ?
             space_on_soundcard = getSpaceOnSoundcard();
-            if (fragment_size < space_on_soundcard)
+            if (fragment_size <= space_on_soundcard)
                 WriteAudio(zeros, fragment_size);
@@ -567,7 +567,7 @@
         /* do audio output */
         // wait for the buffer to fill with enough to play
-        if (fragment_size >= audiolen(true))
+        if (fragment_size > audiolen(true))
             VERBOSE(VB_AUDIO, QString("audio thread waiting for buffer to fill"
                                       " fragment_size=%1, audiolen=%2")
@@ -601,7 +601,7 @@
         // re-check audiolen() in case things changed.
         // for example, ClearAfterSeek() might have run
-        if (fragment_size < audiolen(false))
+        if (fragment_size <= audiolen(false))
             int bdiff = AUDBUFSIZE - raud;
             if (fragment_size > bdiff)

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