[mythtv] mythtranscode -> avi

Marius Kjeldahl marius at kjeldahl.net
Wed Aug 11 08:50:39 EDT 2004

Greg wrote:
> avidemux2 2.0.26 is suppose to run without the ui now as of this 
> version. According to the website, "Small internal scripting engine, 
> write your own avidemux script without the stinking UI". I haven't had 
> time to test it, so I can'y verify that it can run without the gui....

I've read this a couple of times here now, and I doubt it is true. I've 
built 2.0.26 on my system, and considering it attempts to open the GUI 
display even for a "avidemux2 --help" command, I doubt it is actually 
able to run non-X. I also checked the actual help commands, but found 
nothing like "--nox" or similar.

While I'm talking about avidemux; I've been able to pull out streams 
from nuv files, but they are all "double the vertical size". I attribute 
this to interlacing (I'm capturing using PVR 250), but have found no 
simple parameter to avidemux to get it down to normal size. If anybody 
knows how, please let me know. The "--help" output has something about 
"filter" and "deinterlace" which looked promising, but a simple 
"--filters deinterlace" does not seem to work.

Marius K.

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