[mythtv] How do I create a selectable tree widget?

Morten devel at mythtv.datascooter.com
Mon Aug 9 17:08:24 EDT 2004

I agree 100% with you that the MythUI *must* work seamlessly with a plain
remote on a TV, or even just an LCD-display device. My own mythbox is an
Epia that lives in our living room, and is used for MP3 playback,
TV-recordings, and DVD-playback through Xine, so I know what you're
referring to.

I cannot wait to see the completed lineedit control. It might be the most
important control, and remote control of that isn't anything to write home
about in these days... (Guess I haven't tried the patch for it, but I'm
looking forward to it.) -- Does it have any special settings for us
non-English people with extra characters in our alphabets, not to mention
the Japanese?... (argh!)

However, I partly disagree with you on the standard treeview /
remote-control combination. IMHO, it works fine with an
UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT/OK button combination. But -alas- buttons might be better
for the less experienced user (girlfriends, moms, dads, etc), so keeping up
the button-interface might be the best idea.

I just think the button-interface is confuzing, and makes the user interface
less attractive somehow (too "industrial machine"-like or just too
massive...)... I dunno... -- Buttons are *IMHO* just ugly, and shouldn't be
over-used... But if I'm the only one, I won't change the world as long as
people are happy with what they got.

Anyways: User interface design is a very tough discipline, and I definitely
think MythTV is doing well in this respect...

BTW Isaac: I know you're a busy man (lots of coding and posts on this list),
so thanks a lot for responding this fast on my posts. Hats off for that...


Isaac Richards wrote:
> A standard treeview doesn't work with a remote very well.
> > A related thought: from a "spaceship's point of view", is it really 
> > impossible to draw advantage of all the Qt widgets in the Myth UI, 
> > instead of reinventing the wheel? -- (Just a thought!)
> Currently, the only Qt widget that doesn't have a replacement 
> (and that I want to use) is the line edit, and again, that doesn't
> work with a remote very well  - I'm going to be replacing it with
> the half integrated phone keypad popup that was submitted months ago.
> A toolkit designed to be viewed on a monitor and controlled with a
> keyboard and mouse doesn't really translate very well to being viewed 
> on a TV and controlled with a simple remote control.
> Isaac

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