[mythtv] How do I create a selectable tree widget?

Morten devel at mythtv.datascooter.com
Mon Aug 9 15:03:29 EDT 2004

Am I the only one, who prefers the "treeview" type of layout instead of
breaking everything up into a zillion buttons?.... (sigh!)

I perfectly understand why you want a coherent UI layout that's skinable,
but treeviews are really cute......

A related thought: from a "spaceship's point of view", is it really
impossible to draw advantage of all the Qt widgets in the Myth UI, instead
of reinventing the wheel? -- (Just a thought!)

~Morten :-)

Kevin Kuphal wrote:
> You're thinking of the old QT based version of MythMusic.  
> What Isaac is getting at is that new functionality patches
> using QT widgets will not be accepted as the code is moving
> to the UItypes widgets.
> There is a QT widget to do what you are describing but nothing
> that emulates that exact look and feel in the new types. 
> Kevin

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