[mythtv] DVB Stability problems with watching live TV

Damian Ivereigh damian at cisco.com
Mon Aug 9 05:12:18 EDT 2004

Hi guys,

Has anyone else experienced stability/crashing problems when watching
Live-TV with DVB cards?

I have been using mythtv with a couple of Australian Nova-T DVB cards
for the last few months. The recording and playback works great, rock

However I have found a couple of wierd problems when watching live TV:-

1) When switching channels, sometimes the player never gets up to speed,
staying at that slow speed it uses when trying to get the video and
audio in sync.

2) When the signal quality is a bit flaky (and the card temporarily
loses sync), I have seen both the front and backend crash (at different
times). I realise that the solution is to fix the signal quality, but I
would prefer myth to handle this situation a bit better.

I am not looking for a fix (unless someone has one), rather to know if
anyone else has experienced it. If so I will have a go at debugging and
fixing it.

One simple change I would like to make is make the timeouts *much*
shorter. Right now if you unplug the aerial, mythtv hangs for almost a
minute. Frankly if you can't get sync in 5 secs, you may as well give
up. What would be great would be an error message and allow you to
change to a new channel.


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