[mythtv] lots of interlacing recently...

Charlie Brej brejc8 at vu.a.la
Sun Aug 8 18:09:15 EDT 2004

Chris Petersen wrote:
> I don't know if this is because of the cleaner source (s-video) that I 
> recently started using, or something in CVS that happened at about the 
> same time, but recently, I've noticed a LOT of interlacing in my 
> recorded shows.  This isn't just the usual every-few-frames interlacing 
> that you see in a dvd, but could go on every frame for 20-30 (or more) 
> frames.
> Anyone have any idea what might be going on?  Are there plans to add an 
> option to REMOVE the interlacing while recording, since this stuff looks 
> like crap when watching on anything other than a TV screen.

Which deinterlacer are you using? In the CVS version there are options now to 
choose which one you want now.
The bob deinterlacer is great. I was watching TV on myth so much I became 
sensitive to the low frame rate due to the deinterlacer. I couldn't watch it for 
too long. Now with the bob deinterlacer the motion is great (just like normal 
TV). I can enjoy MythTV again. :)
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