[mythtv] [PATCH] Bob deinterlacing filter

Paul Woodward paul_woodward at fastnet.co.uk
Sun Aug 8 05:33:23 EDT 2004

One thing with the bob deinterlacer. I use a monitor for playback at the
moment (therefore no overscan) and so I see the top and bottom lines of
the screen flicker. I'm not sure if this is something to do with the
algorithm, but is there any way to avoid this? The TV quality with DVB
is great though.


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Thanks for doing this; I just upgraded to CVS from 0.15.1, and with the
deinterlacer turned on my standard definition DVB recordings are finally
smooth as analog TV. 

Unfortunately the OSD looks pretty bad now (pixilated and flickering),
but I
can't see a way of applying the OSD to the two separated frames after
have been scaled with the way it's currently implemented. However it's a
pretty small price to pay for smooth playback.

- Damon

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> The attached patch & tar file (for mythtv/filters) implements bob
> deinterlacing for Xv output method.  Bob deinterlacing shows each
> of an interlaced frame sequentially, at twice the original framerate.
> In many ways it is ideal for outputting 1080i HDTV material.
> The approach used by the filter is to move the top field to the top
> of the frame and the bottom field to the bottom half.  Video output
> scales & displays the appropriate half of the frame at the appropriate
> time.
> To accomplish this goal, deinterlacing filters are now separate from
> rest of the filter chain, and are managed by VideoOutput and its
> subclasses.  The normal filter chain continues to be managed in
> tv_play.cpp
> I have also added the ability to choose from among the four current
> deinterlacing filters in the setup GUI.
> Finally, deinterlacing will not be called on program material that is
> detected to be progressive-scan.
> I did not implement this new deinterlacing filter in dx and directfb
> output classes because I lack understanding of how they work and the
> ability to test them.  Someone with the appropriate knowledge and
> hardware could do so easily.  Note that current CVS implements bob
> for XvMC already.
> Sorry for the larger-than-needed patch in a few of the videoout files;
> some tabs have crept into CVS in these files.
> -Doug


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