[mythtv] [PATCH] Display Resolution switching (Version 3)

John Patrick Poet john at BlueSkyTours.com
Fri Aug 6 13:15:05 EDT 2004

Doug Larrick wrote:

> John Patrick Poet wrote:
>> Doug, please try the attached patch.  It is crude, but I am curious 
>> if it solved the problem.
> Point of order... please don't cc me on stuff you also send to the 
> list.  They end up in different mailboxes and confuse me no end.

Sorry,  If you were still awake last night went I sent it, I wanted to 
get it to you ASAP.

> OK... so I found some time this morning to test this.  No go.  The 
> result is that the whole screen is black (which is an improvement) and 
> the video is only in part of it.
> -Doug

I have seen that before --- X is confused.  Restart X, and then it might 
all work.  I tested it with XFCE and it fixed the problem for that manager.


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