[mythtv] I have improved nuvexport

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Fri Aug 6 12:18:04 EDT 2004

> 1. I have added a true mp3 export (as the existing one actually uses
> toolame whihc gives you mp2)

sweet.  I've been meaning to do this, but got caught up in the other 
updates of nuvexport first.

> 2. I have command-line enabled the divx export, and the mp3 export 3.
> I have made the divx export die if it fails to read the video width
> and height (see 4)


> 4. I have made it use mplayer to get the video width and height for
> .nuv files, as the existing usage of tcprobe fails for some reason on
> certain .nuvs (All my nuvs come from a WinTV Nova DVB card - i dont
> know why tcprobe fails on some files but not others, but it does,
> whereas mplayer always seems to get it right.

interesting...  well, as long as it works better.

> I would live to re-contribute my changes back to the mythtv project,
> but the author seems to have disappeared - i have twice tried to
> contact him through his web page in the last couple of weeks, but
> have had no response.

Sorry, I've been busy.  I hadn't forgotten.

> Shouldnt nuvexport be part of the main mythtv package? i think the
> ability to grab the video files and use them (in my case on my
> PocketPC pda) is a big plus of mythtv over the likes of tivo.

I've requested this of Isaac, but never heard back.


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