[mythtv] compiling mythtv frontend for cygwin

schneg at rpi.edu schneg at rpi.edu
Fri Aug 6 01:17:13 EDT 2004

I've made the changes you've asked and I've only had to mess with a few
errors (see notes below). Currently, my problem is with directx. Is there a
proper way to install it in cygwin for mythtv? My notes include the site I
went to get it from.

Basically, the issue starts with dsound.h not being in the include path.
After fixing that, there's a bunch of weird errors, like undefined
DEFINE_GUID functions in qnetwork.h and undefined ULONG defines. I can in
theory fix these two problems but there are more problems to fix after
this. I think it all stems from something I did or forgot to do. Has anyone
in this mailing list attempted to install directx on cygwin?

George Schneeloch <schneg at rpi.edu>

downloaded from CVS in cygwin: complained about G.A.N.T. for some reason;
i'm downloading from cvs my linux box and copying over
edited settings.pro to disable OSS, enable _WIN32, disable IVTV, and enable
directx. I guess I'm removing xv specific stuff, although x11 stuff remains
because i'm unsure what removing it will do to the qt base of the program
edited libs/libmythtv/libmythtv.pro to make QMAKE_EXTENSION_SHLIB=dll if
the platform's win32
in libs/libavformat, there's the symlink problem i've been working around,
attempting to find something in the local pro file.... found nothing that
appeared useful, so i'm just gonna symlink it and continue
command is: 'ln -s cygmythavcodec-0.15-0.dll libmythavcodec-0.15.dll' in
libs/libavcodec. It appears that libmythavcodec-0.15.dll.a exists as a
symlink already to ../bin/cygmythavcodec-0.15-0.dll, but that file doesn't
xinerama problems in libs/libmyth/util.cpp. i'm going back to settings.pro
to remove x11 support altogether and see if qt gets along without it,
remaking everything
libs/libmyth/util.cpp still has an error relating to xinerama... all of the
xinerama sections are controlled with the preprocessor define Q_WS_X11. For
now I'm manually undefining it, maybe i compiled qt wrong or something
libs/libmyth/mythmediamonitor.h: error about fstab. there doesn't seem to
be any preprocessor directive in the file looking for _WIN32 or anything
else. I'm inserting #ifndef _WIN32 here and in mythmediamonitor.cpp
libs/libmyth/mythdialogs.cpp: It's complaining about the stuff I removed in
mythmediamonitor. Inserting #ifndef _WIN32 around the section which detects
mythmediamonitor events
libs/libmyth/audiooutputdx.h: it's not finding dsound.h, which means I need
to fix my DX installation. I installed the version from
http://www.cs.lth.se/Education/Courses/EDA045/assignments/csdocs/html/cs_26.html. I'm adding /usr/include/directx to my INCLUDE in settings.pro

The file shows a bunch of weird compiler errors, mostly in qnetwork.h in
the directx headers.

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