[mythtv] [PATCH] Display Resolution switching (Version 3)

John Patrick Poet john at BlueSkyTours.com
Thu Aug 5 20:30:50 EDT 2004

On Thu, 5 Aug 2004, Doug Larrick wrote:

> John Patrick Poet wrote:
> > Isaac, I probably should have put more information in the "description" box
> > in globalsettings.  For instance, it should be noted that the Display
> > Resolution Switching does not work well with some window managers
> > (e.g. ratpoison, xfce).  KDE and Gnome work fine.
> Hey John,
> Does this work for you if the video resolution is *bigger* than the GUI
> resolution?  Is that what you mean by "not work well with some window
> managers," or is there some other difficulty?  What I see is that it
> plays the video in only the portion of the display that corresponds to
> the GUI size, whereas the old code (because it switched resolution and
> resized the main window before creating the video window) worked fine.

Yes, that is pretty much the problem.

With ratpoison and xfce, the display resolution gets changed just fine, but
those window managers don't seem to "let" the video window grow to the new
display resolution.  The result is a "viewport" to the upper left portion of
the video.

> I would guess that if we could resize the video window through Qt rather
> than straight X, it would work fine.

I am actually not sure about that.  Were you using ratpoison or xfce with
your original patch?  I seem to remember having trouble with them, even with
it.  Maybe not though.  At one point I waisted over a day trying to track
down a similar problem which was not there -- I just need to restart X!

The first version of the DisplayRes patch took it's ques from your patch,
but I had to re-arrange several things.  The result was it touched several
source files: main, globalsettings, tv_play, NuppelVideoPlayer,
videooutbase, videoout_*.  Isaac did not like how invasive it got and asked
to have it re-done.  The new version is MUCH cleaner and simpler, but does
have this "order of events" problem.

My understanding of how all these pieces fit together is MUCH better now.  I
could probably come up with an approach which pretty much works the way it
does now, but have the "display resolution switch" happen in
NuppleVideoPlayer at the "right time".

Isaac, would you consider that change?  It might fix the XvMC problem, as

>  But I can't see any way to get the Qt widget from within videoout.

That would be an interesting solution.  Have it be up to the videoout class
to actually create the viewport window.  That might be more radical than
letting NuppleVideoPlayer do the resolution switching, though.


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