[mythtv] Can I use plain Qt widgets inside the MythTV framework (was: How do I use the UIManagedTreeListType widget?)

Isaac Richards ijr at po.cwru.edu
Wed Aug 4 20:32:48 EDT 2004

On Wednesday 04 August 2004 07:54 pm, Kenneth Aafl°y wrote:
> On Thursday 05 August 2004 01:23, Isaac Richards wrote:
> > On Wednesday 04 August 2004 06:41 pm, Kenneth Aafl°y wrote:
> > > Why don't you submit patches to the Qt project for the existing drawing
> > > routines, rather than making your own? Or are you planning to submit
> > > the new drawing routines upstream?
> >
> > There's no need to.  The actual drawing routines currently in mythui are
> > quite heavily based on the Qt4 tech preview.  Major things I've improved
> > are text rendering and the texture cache, and both of those are fairly
> > trivial.
> You have not contributed those yet?

As Ben de Luca pointed out, I'd have to reassign copyright to Trolltech to do 
that.  I have no intention of doing that, so...

> > The rest of the architecture isn't all that well suited for a generic
> > toolkit such as Qt.
> Are you talking about generic widget drawing, where you have made pretty
> hars statements in the past..or about effects that should always be private
> to the core of MythTV (or any other qt based application)?

No, I'm talking about the way mythui works -- it's well suited to a 'consumer' 
style UI, but wouldn't work all that well for a generic desktop app.


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