[mythtv] Can I use plain Qt widgets inside the MythTV framework (was: How do I use the UIManagedTreeListType widget?)

Morten devel at mythtv.datascooter.com
Wed Aug 4 17:06:45 EDT 2004

Hi again!

Thanks a lot for your fast responses. Seems like I'm not the only one who's
been wondering about that control...

Got a related question though. Can I utilize plain Qt widgets inside the
MythTV GUI framework then? (AFAIR there's some pretty decent widgets to pick


Isaac wrote:
> Right - The 'UIManagedTreeList' is going to go away, to be 
> replaced with a more flexible drawing version of the
> UIListTreeType / UIListBtnType.  Should look/act the same,
> but consolidate all lists/trees to a single widget type.

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