[mythtv] mythui

Flo flokohlert at muenchen-mail.de
Mon Aug 2 20:29:21 EDT 2004

Not all Linux distributions come with libXinarama.so with a default
installation, unfortunately.

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Mike Javorski wrote:
> Odd.. MythTV compiles just fine on the same box (in fact it IS my 
> mythtv box running mythtv-cvs from about 3 weeks ago). There must be 
> something in there that is causing the problem..

Well, if you look, this particular link line does not include the all
important -lXinerama

Why it isn't happening for you, I dunno, but that is the problem.
I'm failing on theme load.  Do you have to have it set to default, or
anything like that?


How can i try/access this? Installed latest cvs tonight, but canīt figure
out how to try.



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