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Sun Aug 1 22:50:42 EDT 2004

Works fine here, except that it seems hardcoded for 800x600 and I am running
640x480, so it runs off the side/bottom a bit.

Athlon 2500+, NVIDIA 440MX with latest binary drivers.
Debian Unstable, updated within the last few weeks.


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Could people check out the 'mythui' module from CVS and test on their 
machines?  I'm curious to know where it does/does not work at this point.

It runs using OpenGL as the painting backend by default, but if you don't
hardware accelerated OpenGL, that'll be pretty slow -- just edit 
mythmainwindow.cpp, and change line 177 to be:

    d->painter = new MythQtPainter();

to fall back to a Qt-based paint engine and disable most of the eyecandy.


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