[mythtv] Proposed CHANGELOG

Kevin Kuphal kevin.kuphal at myrealbox.com
Fri Apr 30 17:35:01 EDT 2004

Attached is a CHANGELOG file I propose we add to CVS that can be maintained
to document changes from the CVS commits.  Should make posting
feature/change list for future releases easier.  I'd propose also that a
link to this in CVS be added to the website in the Links section so that it
can be used as a reference for people not running CVS to both see what is
coming in the next version and make an informed decision on whether to
upgrade to CVS if they are considering it

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Version 0.15
Last updated 4/30/2004 - 4:32PM CST

- Improved over/under scan
- Improved speed when changing capture cards
- Improved scheduler by overhauling with recording priorities
- Improved On Screen Display (OSD) by optimizing with MMX
- Improved pre/post show roll limits to 120
- Improved duplicate recording detection now allows subtitles, description, or both methods
- Improved MythMusic AlbumArt vizualization to include BMPs by default
- Improved LCD display by honoring TimeFormat
- Improved MythBrowser to support translations
- Improved commercial skipping to display minutes and seconds instead of only seconds
- Improved HDTV/XvMC error recovery
- Improved filter debug messages
- Improved MythMusic playback by saving shuffle and repeat modes
- Improved automatic shutdown
- Improved PVR-350 support with faster channel changes
- Improved logging support
- Improved MythMusic selection UI
- Improved MythNews to use MythBrowser for article links
- Improved transcoding profile naming to be more intuitive

- Updated translations
- Updated keys.txt
- Updated with newer ffmpeg library

- Fixed bug in channel editor
- Fixed seeking problem in ivtv decoder
- Fixed high backend CPU usage after channgel change with PVR-x50
- Fixed seeking with PVR-350 once the ringbuffer has looped
- Fixed memory leak in MythGallery
- Fixed aspect ratios on non-4:3 or 16:9 displays
- Fixed IMDB lookups in MythVideo
- Fixed problem with cutlists not working after first cut
- Fixed bug in LiveTV display which would display wrong show information when watching delayed
- Fixed letterboxing
- Fixed bugs in commercial skipping for non-blank fram detection modes
- Fixed bugs in mpeg playback
- Fixed various segmentation faults in TV playback
- Fixed ability for frontend to read video files directly instead of streaming from backend if available
- Fixed MythDVD to always use YV12/I420 as internal video codec
- Fixed bug in goom MythMusic visualization
- Fixed blockyness in viaslice routines
- Fixed DVBCam support
- Fixed bug where wrong audio channel was used on bttv cards when switching inputs
- Fixed bug in cidbcast
- Fixed bug in video playback with underscan and the EPG
- Fixed some chroma ghosting on PVR-350 OSD
- Fixed Closed Caption support
- Fixed bug when cancelling slow-motion with the Play button
- Fixed Interlaced DCT & ME
- Fixed ALSA jitter
- Fixed database connection leak
- Fixed bug in thumbnail preview generation

- Added ability to specify the time at which preview images are generated
- Added media handler for MythDVD and configurable action
- Added media handler for VCD
- Added "Record one showing of this program" recording type
- Added setting to allow disabling of bttv audio
- Added mythmail script to contrib for interfacing with OnTV Japan
- Added Recording Groups feature
- Added Manual zoom/reposition functionality to playback pop-up menu
- Added commerical free option on a per channel basis
- Added option to edit recording schedule from Watch Recordings menu
- Added menu wrapping on single column themes
- Added option to rewind X seconds after commercial skip to reduce errors in detection
- Added ability to change volume and pause when in zoom mode during playback
- Added F1 as global help key
- Added recording status information on the conflict resolution screen
- Added Logo Detection commercial detection method
- Added Sleep Timer feature
- Added pop-up notification on audio errors
- Added CD burning support to MythMusic
- Added option to allows SELECT to exit guide and change channel and also to record if show is in the future
- Added option for explicit play button instead of Play/Pause
- Added 16:9 stretch zoom mode
- Added support for disabling X screen-saver when appropriate
- Added two new short date formats
- Added support for independent muting of left and right speakers
- Added OSD menu display replacing pop-up menu when watching 
- Added zsnes support to MythGame
- Added option to set channel visible or not
- Added UI feedback to MythVideo during IMDB and poster retreival
- Added additional substitution option of %d to MythVideo commandline which substitues the default commandline
- Added setting in MythVideo for Video artwork directory
- Added DataDirect support for listing retreival
- Added ability for SELECT to cycle visualizations in MythMusic
- Added ability for changing channels to span tuners

Version 0.14

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