[mythtv] HDTV patches

Isaac Richards ijr at po.cwru.edu
Fri Apr 30 02:37:52 EDT 2004

On Tuesday 20 April 2004 02:47 pm, Daniel Thor Kristjansson wrote:
> I submitted this patch earlier and was asked to make the minimum signal
> level variable. This patch is that same patch, with a ATSC Signal
> Level threshold slider in the TV settings.

For me to apply this, please:
- Get rid of the tabs
- Don't get the settings (ATSCCheckSignalWait, ATSCCheckSignalThreshold), 
unless it's going to use them.  Way it is now, that's 2 extra database hits 
per channel change for everyone, not just people who are going to use this.

> This patch does five things
> This was the robustness and hdtv-playback patches, but as I've worked on
> them the two have merged since there is a lot of interaction between the
> two. Also, most of the robustness patch was already applied to CVS. It's
> not really appropriate to call it the hdtv-playback patch, since it
> accelerates any MPEG2 stream.

I've applied the xvmc parts, but left out all changes to NVP, as I couldn't 
tell what was a required change, what was a nasty hack, and what was 
irrelevant.  Please don't make changes that you don't have to, especially 
ones that don't really make sense (framesPlayed -> recorder_frames_played 
doesn't make _any_ sense whatsoever to me -- what's the recorder have to do 
with it?)

Actually, check that.  Just finished testing the xvmc parts, and, it doesn't 
seem to do so well -- picture quality doesn't look all that great (much more 
pixelated than previously), and it dies pretty horribly on one of my test 
clips (video size changes 4 times in a row, 10 or so seconds on each 
resolution).  So, not ready for CVS just yet, I'd say.  =)


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