[mythtv] mythBrowser compile problems

Emlyn.Bolton at nokia.com Emlyn.Bolton at nokia.com
Thu Apr 29 13:50:51 EDT 2004

I had issues with Gentoo and xinerama references when building mythdvd I think.  
In my case, I had to add the xinerama keyword to make.conf and then re-emerge qt, as it had been compiled without xinerama support.
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hi mark,

the threa i found was about somekind of 'hack',
editing the qmake.conf file in /usr/qt/3/mkspecs/linux-g++/
by adding '-lXinerama' to the end of the QMAKE_LIBS_X11.

well, i did that and it worked, so my mythbrowser is now up and running.

i hope that this so-called hack does not break anything else ..

or is there another way to add that option ?

thanks anyway!


Mark Edwards wrote: 

i wondered about the 'undefined references' on Xinerama.

am i too dumb? did i miss something?

maybe someone has an idea about this ...

thanks, nils


U need to add a -lXinerama to the make options, there was another thread

about this a while ago.





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