[mythtv] Experiential Television Viewing

Ed Wildgoose lists at wildgooses.com
Thu Apr 29 08:00:18 EDT 2004

Martin Bruce Modahl wrote:

>Hey All,
>I'm interested in adding an Experiential Computing touch to MythTV. I
>would like the television to show me interesting live television events
>when I might be otherwise occupied watching something else. I've already
>written a program to pull information from the Internet to determine when
>certain sporting events might be interesting and would like to embed this
>into MythTV and use it to pop up the Picture-in-Picture when something
>exciting happens.
>My question is can I simply start a new thread in startTV and from that
>thread actuate the PIP state on the TV object? Could I also then simply
>make UpdatePosOSD calls to maybe signal to the watcher what is happening?

Sounds like a good way.  Have a look at the code which pops up caller 
display for some example code I guess?  Also, have a look at the 
archives for some code by a chap who tried bayesian analysis to try and 
suggest interesting programs

Please also remember to start a new thread when you post messages to a 
mailing list.  This email was only visible to me at all because I was 
reading about the mythfill database bug.  Others who weren't reading 
that thread would likly have missed this message completely and perhaps 
just deleted the whole thread without reading it.  It's also annoying to 
find unrelated messages in the middle of a completely different thread.  
Don't just push reply to an unrelated message is the point, many mail 
programs group messages together based on how they were replied to

Ed W

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