[mythtv] More HDTV stuff (debugging hdtv-recorder)

Daniel Thor Kristjansson danielk at cat.nyu.edu
Thu Apr 29 04:34:37 EDT 2004

I have an updated hdtv-recored patch available at

It doesn't actually enhance functionality over the hdtv-recorder-v6.patch
But it does parse the PAT and PMT tables and some of the PSIP tables.
It dumps this information to the stderr at the moment. But if you've
ever had stream troubles with HDTV this might interest you, since you
can now use this channel dump to diagnose the problem. Or at least have
something to send me if you are having troubles with getting the wrong
audio or even the wrong program.

In some cases this patch can cause problems, if it sees PSIP packets
that exceed 184 bytes it will caugh up a lot of warnings in "-verbose
record" mode, and print an 'l' (for long) if not in verbose mode. It
doesn't happen with any channels I get, but is likely if your local
channels are providing the PSIP tables they should be providing...

-- Daniel

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