[mythtv] Autoplaylists for MythMusic

Steele Price steele at xtcp.net
Tue Apr 27 15:31:25 EDT 2004

Some of you know I am working on the Autoplaylist patch for MythMusic.
For those who don't, feel free to send me your suggestions. (this patch
has been submitted for CVS already)

here is the initial phase (patch)

This patch allows you to read autoplaylists in the following format:

((genre like '%rock%') and (year between 1960 and 1969))

This would select everything automatically that is 1960s Rock, Rock &
Roll,  Soft Rock, and any other genre with "rock" in it.

discussion for this is available here:

if you don't know how to get to a mysql prompt, you shouldn't use
autoplaylists just yet, there is a gui playlist creator coming next.

You can use ANY valid SQL Where statement and can issue the following
command at a >>mysql prompt

use mythconverge;
insert into musicplaylist(name, hostname, songlist)
values('playlistname', 'myhost', '(field=criteria)');

for now you need to enter the SQL commands directly into SQL.

What is planned:

    . gui from the music setup screen
    . sample autoplaylists for decades and a couple complex
      samples such as:
    .   (((genre like 'techo%') AND (rating > 5))
          OR (artist like 'kraftwerk')
          OR (filename like '%favorites/trance%'))
    . editor for MythWeb
    . prevent autoplaylists from being deleted when reloading
      songs database
    . export playlists to an XML file for creating MP3 CDs (see the
      website, these would be portable
      for importing/exporting between myth machines)

I have been using this patch for a few weeks now and it's worked
flawlessly, if there is an error in your where clause, it just returns
an empty playlist and will cause no damage.

At some point, I want to write a helper application that monitors the
filesystem and updates musicmetadata automatically when files are
modified so there is no need to rerun the get music files which takes an
exceedingly long time with large collection (my collection is
approximately 20K files)

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