Autotranscode sometimes (was RE: [mythtv] [PATCH] Add transcode to OSD menu)

Christian Hack christianh at
Tue Apr 27 12:02:41 EDT 2004

> See my other patch submitted last night.  I did that as well
> since I'm like
> you.  I only transcode somethings.  I'm thinking also of looking into per
> recording auto-transcode options so that you can choose show by show which
> ones to auto-transcode.

You can do this right now fairly easily. I use it all the time. Use
recording profiles and set up particular ones to autotranscode. Then when
you select a program to record specify your recording profile. Then set up
your transcode profile accordingly.

I use DVB and although I transcode almost everything, my "Default" recording
profile is set to not transcode. I have the "Low Quality" profile set
auto-transcode. So if I want the original DVB transmission I simply select
to record. If I want it auto transcode, I simply select the "Low Quality"
profile in line with the fact that the transcoded result is of a lower

The same concept would work equally as well for software based capture

Admittedly I really should reverse this and use the "Default" as
autotranscode and "High Quality" as "don't autotranscode" but my set up fits
your scenario.


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