[mythtv] Re: [mythtv-commits] mythtv commits

Ben Levitt levittben at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 26 21:15:11 EDT 2004

--- "J. Donavan Stanley" <jdonavan at jdonavan.net>
> It's actually behind  a setting currently, the right
> item remains 
> highlited be default.  If the group_info container
> isn't present then it 
> looks and behaves just like it used to.

I really like how you've got it working when I have
ShowGroupInfo set to 1 and ShowSelAlways set to NULL. 
(Although I think these two settings could be
consolidated into one.  :] )  You have it set up just
the way I was wishing it worked.

> *sigh* and the message "There are 23 recordings in
> this group." is 
> helpful.  It provides information on what you're
> currently sorting 
> through which is the groups.

I agree totally.  The last point being the key. 
Thanks for doing this!


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