[mythtv] Yet Another MythVideo suggestion - the Gnome/Nautilus automatic way of creating covers

Tom Feiner tom at penguin.org.il
Mon Apr 26 12:44:27 EDT 2004

Hi Guys,

I'm not a developer, just a user, but I thought I'd suggest something.

I see in both the dev and users mailing lists a lot of talk about covert 
arts in MythVideo and how to insert your own cover art to Movies/TV 
Shows/Videos that don't have an entry in IMDB.

I think that instead of relying on the manual way to do things, why not 
do it the Gnome/Nautilus way. For those who haven't seen it yet, in 
gnome 2.4+ when you browse in the nautilus file manager to a directory 
with movies, it automatically extracts a random frame from the movie for 
each file, and saves it in ~/.thumbnails for future use.

So I was thinking, why not implement the same idea in MythVideo for 
files that do not have an IMDB entry?

I would do this myself, but unfortunetly i'm not a programmer.

What do you think?


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