[mythtv] Retrieving the actual length of a recorded show

Wayne Hogue mythtv at chiphead.net
Sat Apr 24 19:29:28 EDT 2004

Kevin Kuphal wrote:

>Can someone point me to what structure/class to pull the actual length of a
>recorded show in minutes?  The only place I see getting that is from the
>NuppelVideoPlayer after it has loaded the RingBuffer.  I guess I was
>expecting something in the recorded table or an easier place to pull the
>info from.  Just need confirmation that I'm not missing some other location.
>Everything else I've found shows the intended length, not the actual.
here is how I get the length:

"select MAX(mark) from recordedmarkup where chanid='$channel' and starttime
='$syear$smonth$sday$shour$sminute$ssecond' and type='6'";

this will give you the key frame count.

minutes = ((keyframecount*keyframedistance)/framerate)*60)


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