[mythtv] Go Video Progressive Scan Networked DVD player - $129

Joel Melohn jlmelohn at jcsm.com
Sat Apr 24 17:52:07 EDT 2004

Has anyone looked at the Go Video Progressive Scan Networked DVD player? It
can play mpeg1, mpeg2, and (with the downloadable update) mpeg4 video as
well as play mp3, wma, etc. audio. It will also display pictures. These can
be on CDs, DVDs, or streamed across the network from a pc server. It is on
sale at eCost and buy.com for $129. More info on Techbargains.com. However,
the price is now $129.


This looked more interesting to me than some of the earlier boxes, such as
the Hauppauge player since this one can play mpeg4 videos. Any thoughts on
how this could be integrated into Mythtv as a frontend replacement?



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