[mythtv] Strange EPG behavior

Steffen Immle Immle at gmx.net
Fri Apr 23 07:59:59 EDT 2004

On the PVR350's tv-out, LiveTV actually displays the full EPG (and sadly 
makes my box quite instable, espacially on exiting the EPG). I don't 
know much about the code, but I suspect this should not be too hard to 
do for the normal output (minus the transparency effect). And while I'm 
at it, let me make a suggestion: If you (or someone else) implement an 
option to switch between the EPG modes, it would be nice to be able to 
do that for the PVR350, too. Because I actually like the preview (ie. 
condensed) version more. The translucent grid is sometimes hard to read. 
And who knows, maybe it would even increase stability.


Kevin Kuphal wrote:

> I think that's where I was headed with my thinking as well.  It is
> unfortunate though, because I like the full view EPG better than the
> condensed EPG that shows when in LiveTV mode.  I disagree though that the
> EPG can't tune the channel is a bad behavior.  If a show is currently
> showing, I should have the option to tune the channel to watch it from the
> Guide.  The Guide is more than scheduling shows, it is also like the "TV
> Guide channel" for me showing me what is on and letting me tune in to watch
> it.  I haven't checked, but maybe there is an option that exists or could be
> added to use the full EPG instead of the EPG with the preview box which
> would accomplish, in essence, what I'm looking for if I make it launch
> LiveTV and then immediately enter the EPG.

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