[mythtv] Watch/Delete Recordings

Oscar Carlsson oscar.carlsson at home.se
Wed Apr 21 16:37:37 EDT 2004

>> >> Have you even tried the Menu key in watch recordings?
>> KK> Yes.  It brings up a short menu about Program Groups which, 
>> KK> honestly, I've never used.  The point of the exercise here is to 
>> KK> bring the most commonly used items to a standardized key 
>> (MENU).  I 
>> KK> fully expect on that menu (and maybe others) to have an Advanced 
>> KK> button that brings up the more infrequently used options.
>> The  idea  as  I see it is that Menu brings up general 
>> settings/options/whatever and  info  brings  up  specific 
>> stuff for the selected item. Very logic to me at least.

KK> General settings/options/whatever belong in setup, IMO.  Menu should be for
KK> actions to be taken on the highlighted item and Info be exactly that,
KK> information about the selected item.  Having two buttons bring up two menus
KK> with actions is what I find confusing and I think limiting to new users.  

KK> As I indicated, I would prefer a system that defaulted to presenting the
KK> menu on SELECT rather than performing a default action so that new users
KK> were always presented with all the options and then allow for a "expert"
KK> mode to be enabled where SELECT took on another action.  But I understand
KK> that this might not be the preferred method for everyone so just
KK> standardizing SELECT, MENU, and INFO across the application is a good start.

You  really think that changing the current group belongs in the setup? Riiight.

I can however see the menu beeing split in two:

  - Change view

  - Delete
  - Whatever

But that might get very crowded.

Using select as bringing up a menu is extremely non-intuitive, a new user should
understand what a menu-key is supposed to do.

Maybe  another  menu button then? Like Menu2 for the currently highlighted item?
(the  way info works in Watch recordings at the moment). This, or the suggestion
above would make sense imo.

KK> kevin

Best regards,
 Oscar                            mailto:oscar.carlsson at home.se

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