[mythtv] Recent scheduler.cpp changes introduced a bug.

Shawn Asmussen asmussen at cox.net
Wed Apr 21 09:12:01 EDT 2004

Anduin Withers said:
>> I ran into the scheduling problems discussed in this thread when I
>> upgraded
>> to the current CVS a few days ago. I'm running FC1, and at the time I
>> had
>> the stock mysql that ships with FC1 installed. When I came to the list
>> and
>> found that the old version of mysql was the problem, I rooted around and
>> found this:
> I don't think this is like the Qt version issue that had to be endured for
> way too long.
> FC1 doesn't have mysql 4, FC2 won't. That should be significant enough to
> have folks try to make things mysql 3 compatible.
> Trying to get everyone to use mysql 4 will significantly complicate
> things,
> NTM break the ability for many users to keep their systems up to date.

I don't disagree with this. It just seemed to me from what I'd seen that
requiring mysql 4.x was the way that the mythtv code was heading. If all
of the code could be kept 3.x compatible then that'd be great for all of
the Fedora users who would have trouble making the move to 4.x. Did I
misread the situation in thinking that mythtv requiring mysql 4 was
becomming inevitible, or do you think that the code will be moving back in
a direction that is 3.x compatible?

Shawn Asmussen

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