[mythtv] Strange EPG behavior

Kevin Kuphal kevin.kuphal at myrealbox.com
Wed Apr 21 02:14:16 EDT 2004

I upgrade to the latest CVS tonight to work on some code and ran across a
strange problem.  It seemed no matter what I pushed I could not tune a
channel fom the EPG.  Pressing M would exit me back to the previous menu
while pressing SELECT would always bring up the record screen, regardless of
how I set the option for that button.

What is odd is that it appears the m_player variable is NULL when I'm
operating the EPG.  Now, I'm not expert in the code, but there are a number
of places where m_player is checked (including the code to tune the channel)
but I don't understand why it's not activating the TV tuner.  If I click on
the "Watch TV" menu item it works fine.

Anyone else seeing this?


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