[mythtv] [patch] Reorganized Setup

J. Donavan Stanley jdonavan at jdonavan.net
Mon Apr 19 19:44:56 EDT 2004

So far, I've only skimmed through things.  Here's my initial impressions:

1) Overall it seems as though you've reduced the number of steps in each 
"wizard" by making more menu options.  In some cases this is a good 
thing but in other it's a bit silly, several screens have only two 
options on them, do they really warrant their own menu item and dialog?
2) It seems to me that the Size/Offset section belongs with other 
appearance related items, possibly overscan as well.
3) UDP notify port could probably be moved to someplace other than 
playback, it's only valid during OSD but it really has nothing to do 
with playback.
4) The file setup_tv_rec_priorities.xml appears to be missing.

The biggest drawback I see is #1.  I think you might have gone too far 
in your quest to reduce the wizard steps...

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