[mythtv] Watch/Delete Recordings

Kevin Kuphal kevin.kuphal at myrealbox.com
Mon Apr 19 10:05:36 EDT 2004

> Greg Estabrooks wrote:
> > While personally I don't care much about the individual episode
> > size "most of the time" I do like to know how much space is left
> > on the system.
> I use the file size to see if there are any shows that were 
> not recorded in their entirity or transcoding wasn't 
> completed.  I usually check this through mythweb, but this is 
> primarily because I never use the delete screen.  Having it 
> available as a toggle for all shows on the playing screen 
> would be useful.  Seeing it for just one show at a time would 
> be fairly useless.  Alternatively, it would be better to have 
> the show flagged by appearing in a different color if it 
> wasn't recorded in it's entirity.

I think this should be there also but simply by showing the number of
minutes the recording is in the description area.  It gives you runtime as
well as easily being able to deduce if it was fully recorded.  

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