[mythtv] Use callsign for scheduling

David Engel gigem at comcast.net
Sun Apr 18 21:18:51 EDT 2004

On Sat, Apr 17, 2004 at 11:50:13PM +0200, Tako Schotanus wrote:
> tight spaces. So either we make sure that the name is displayed 
> everywhere instead of the callsign or we add a new field called shortname.

I've added this to my todo list.  Here is what I propose to do.

Find every place the channel is displayed and change it to honor the
existing, but probably seldom used, DisplayChanNum option, i.e. it
will display either channel.channum or channel.name as selected by the

Optionally, add a new channel.longname column to the channel table.  I
don't see a strong need for this, but that's just MO.

How the channel.name and channel.longname values get filled in as
desired will be an exorcise for the user.  My case will be as simple
as setting it to CONCAT(channum, ' ', callsign) in mysql.

David Engel
gigem at comcast.net

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