[mythtv] [PATCH] Minor fix keyrepeat problem in guidegrid.c

Damian Ivereigh damian at cisco.com
Sun Apr 18 19:27:04 EDT 2004

(again without the signature)

I have a USB remote control that pretends to be a keyboard, it sends
hard-coded keystrokes on each remote key press. So in order to get this
to work with MythTV I am having to fiddle with the keybindings table.
So far so good.

Unfortunately for some wierd reason for left and right arrows on the
remote, Shift Up and Shift Down keystrokes get sent, so my keybindings
are Shift+Up & Shift+Down. Unfortunately this works everywhere except
the Program Guide - because there is code in there that tries to limit
the keyrepeat. What seems to happen is that the remote actually sends
the Shift key first then the arrow. However after the first shift is
sent the keyrepeat code kicks in and ignores the up/down arrow.

There is already code in there that stops the Control key causing this
problem. This patch extends this to the Shift, Alt & Meta keys.


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