[mythtv] [Patch]AspectOverride

Mark Edwards irish at irishmark.co.uk
Sun Apr 18 18:06:07 EDT 2004

> > This patch overrides the aspect of the tv the same way toggle-ing W does
> > allowing a default mode to be chosen.
> > It saves me from having to hit W three times each time I change channel.
> > The DB setting it looks for is 'AspectOverride':
> > 0: no effect, aspect works as usual
> > 1: 16:9
> > 2: 4:3
> > 3: 16:0 zoom
> > 4: 4:3 zoom
> >
> > The 'W' key will still change mode too.
> Can't you get the same affect by setting your DisplaySize properly in your
> setup?  If you still want the patch applied, there should probably be a
> modifiable setting, not just a blind config option.  Just check out
> programs/mythfrontend/globalsettings.cpp, should be easy enough to figure
> how to add a setting UI.
> Isaac

I have set all the display stuff as per the documentation (DisplaySize et
al), but it didn't help.
I've attached another patch that adds the setting to globalsettings.php,
should be used along with the original one

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