[mythtv] Watch/Delete Recordings

Kevin Kuphal kevin.kuphal at myrealbox.com
Sun Apr 18 11:59:27 EDT 2004

This was brought up in the myth-users list a little while ago and I thought
it a good suggestion.  While I agree that the 0.15 releases jump-points
makes it easy for users to change the menus, for users of a ReplayTV or
Tivo, we are used to a single screen to manage both watching and deleting
recorded programs.  As a result, I looked into the code to see if I could
add this behavior only to find that it already existed in the Info button
mapping (kudos to the team again).  I had no idea this was there and the
presence of the Delete Recording screen only made me think there was no such

What I'd like to propose for discussion is changing the default keybinding
to have SELECT do what the INFO button currently does and eliminate the
"Delete Recordings" screen altogether.  I'd be interested in submitting
patches that:

1.  Eliminates the Delete Recordings Screen
2.  Changes the action for SELECT from PLAY to INFO
3.  Change Watch Recordings to Manage Recordings or something similar
4.  Adds a textual indicator of disk space available to the Manage
Recordings Screen.  I'd actually like to see this as a "x hours of record
time available at Default recording profile" instead of the disk space
totals since I'm always doing conversions anyways to see how many hours I

In addition, it seems to me that the only place I can go to edit my list of
recordings is the Recording Priorities screen.  Having one place to
watch/delete/manage seems advantageous to me from a usability standpoint.  I
think there is an opportunity to collapse that screen into this Management
screen by doing:

1.  Showing all scheduled recordings (regardless of whether they have a
recorded item) in the new Watch screen.  Sort them by default by priority
and have options to change the sort by title, date, whatever.
2.  With the recording group highlighted on the left, change CH+ and CH- to
increase or decrease the recording priority and add a textual indicator in
the bottom description of the priority currently assigned.
3.  Eliminate the Recording Priorities screen (not entirely necessary since
it still might be nice to have a full listing more easily readable than the

With #1 in place, all programs can be managed as a result of the first set
of changes using the  SELECT/INFO functionality.  And with #2 in place,
priorities can be adjusted without the need for a separate screen.

I think also then we should move the Program Guide to the main TV menu under
Watch TV as a default and then the Schedule Recordings is devoted to the
program search, manual records, and fixing schedule conflicts.

I know from my own viewing habits this would save extensive keypresses and
activity.  If there is interest in such a patch, I can attempt such a


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