[mythtv] [PATCH] Internal DataDirect grabber functionality

David Shay david at shay.net
Sat Apr 17 17:19:48 EDT 2004

Here's the patch.  Please try it out and let me know if there are issues.  A 
couple of key points:

* It is kind of slow in doing the XML parsing.  I switched from DOM to SAX 
parsing because when doing a "full grab" it used WAY to much memory.  I could 
easily switch this over to xerces or libxml and it would be MUCH faster.  Is 
this worth it (dependency on a new lib vs. speed...)
* New videosource editing screen for entering userid and password for 
datadirect.  Certificate code for signup was posted to list earlier (Isaac's 
code).  Note that a videosource is tied to <one> specific lineup to remain 
consistent with the rest of the database.
* Many database changes to support this.  Those worthy of note:
   * Added userid and password to videosource.  That would enable you to use 
multiple userids if the datadirect limitation is too much (3 lineups per 
   * Added stationid field to channel.  This stores the datadirect unique 
station id.  Much discussion on this point.  I just chose to add a new field 
rather than overloading xmltvid just in case.
   * Added new fields to program that are now available in datadirect.  Two 
that could really help are programid and seriesid.  Program ID is a unique 
program identifier that could be used instead of name concatenation.  Series 
ID uniquely identifies the series.  No display of this info yet.
  * Added new "programgenres" table to store all categories associated with a 
program.  No display of this info yet.
  * Changed index on "credits" to include role since one person might have 
more than one role per show.
  * Changed index on people to make the name field unique.
* Added new option to mythfilldatabase to grab all available data -- 
"--dd-grab-all".  Using this, it grabs all data, otherwise it works like the 
other grabbers.

Here's the patch -- it includes some new files to add to the tree as well:
datadirect.h and datadirect.cpp -- go in libs/libmyth
mythtv_grab_dd -- goes in programs/mythfilldatabase -- interim external script 
to grab data -- will migrate to a wget call when I get a chance.

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